Here at FUEL Intelligence we live and breathe data, and believe that its potential to inform is truly thrilling. So we built FUEL: the only dedicated multi-channel reporting tool for the entertainment industry. FUEL is so much more than a dashboard; it’s a vital source of marketing intelligence that answers questions, informs decisions and brings a new clarity to the way all of us work.

We believe that the impact of FUEL on marketing will be dramatic.



Because our aim is total transparency, right across the industry. No more spreadsheet smokescreens; FUEL represents the democratisation of data.



By bringing together brilliant data scientists, talented designers and entertainment marketing experts. Together we’ve created a beautiful plug-and-play tool that collates huge amounts of information and presents it just how you want it. Whether you’re zooming in for intricate, real-time detail or zooming out for a broad, cross-campaign picture over several months or even years, FUEL helps to unlock your data and set it free.