The flexibility and adaptability of FUEL means that as new channels and new metrics sweep the industry, you’ll be fully equipped to reap the rewards. FUEL has been carefully designed to take the strain in this new era of marketing, helping to manage new information flows and drive greater success. 

Dynamic curated benchmarking and competitor analysis across all campaign data sets, highlighting cause and effect.



Centralised tool that focuses on the need to convert disparate data to aligned intelligence for informed business decisions.


Personalised data served for individual needs, accessible and internally shareable across departments and territories.

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Ubiquitous solution managing local or global marketing campaigns aligned to paid, owned and earned metrics.

Integrated publicity clipping tool allows for real time capture and tagging of all online placements.


Secure global archive of campaign data and performance on demand.

Media value algorithm powers territory by territory publicity values.


Vendor agnostic CMS platform for simple consolidated data integration and management.