Our insights are driven by the need to be actionable.


FUEL Concierge is a next-generation service that takes social media intelligence, trust and insight to a whole new level. 

For decision makers who are hungry for accurate, highly-informed analysis, FUEL Concierge prides itself on maximising the value of social listening. By marrying data science with entertainment industry expertise in a unique and groundbreaking way, FUEL Concierge provides critical insight for an industry that’s short on time but rich with data.

Targeting real-time social data at source, FUEL Concierge extrapolates and links the relationships between social chatter around entertainment releases and the associated demographics of those people, to most effectively market to them.

Along with our direct access to the Twitter firehose, FUEL Concierge now offers access to Facebook topic data thanks to a partnership with DataSift, the human data intelligence provider. Facebook topic data is anonymous and aggregated content data about specific activities, events, brand names and other subjects that people are sharing and engaging around on Facebook.

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